When you're writing marketing materials - sales letters, website copy, brochures, company reports and brand literature - you'll want the help of a specialist who generates sales.

While anyone can write copy, not everyone can write copy that gets results. Even then, most people have a problem finding the time to do it. And when they do, they can't see the wood for the trees - it's hard to write about yourself, and harder still to get into the mindset of your customers and write in a way that inspires them to want do business with you.

I asked Active Information to write a sales letter for my client. My client tested this letter against their own. Theirs generated £14.9k worth of sales; Active Information's letter generated £40.7k worth of sales.
T Bramwell, Blaze Ahead.
Active Information are expert copywriters who have you writing everything with your customer in mind, not just "feature dumping". They have a very direct style and say it as it is, to get you thinking concisely and clearly in order that you convey your message to exactly the right target audience. They're good fun to work with too because they will challenge your thinking and test your understanding of what is unique about your business to draw customers in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Active Information as they have worked with four other business owners that I know of, who have all been really pleased with the results, too!
Suzi Fox, Suzi Fox Resourcing

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Having taken a decision to update our company's website and other marketing material, I wanted to communicate our message in a language that would appeal to those individuals we work best with. In addition, I was keen to avoid lapsing into any professional jargon. I contacted Active Information to help me complete this task. They were very thorough in their research and understanding of what was needed and quickly came up with the written content, which met all our requirements. I liked the fact that they became just as passionate as I was about what we were trying to achieve. Active Information is now a trusted outsource partner for our business and I look forward to working with them again.
Stephen Willis, Piercefield Asset Management Ltd

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Sophie is an expert in the crafting and delivering of word based marketing collateral. She has that incisive mind that cuts through the clutter to get through to the key issues.

Rob Hook, Credence UK