Business operations and sales processes

Sales and operational processes transform business efficiency. As a Managing Director, you may find it hard to grow your business because 'It's quicker to do it myself'... so you get bogged down in mundane day-to-day operations. A sales or operational process allows you to capture best practice and ensures everyone does things to your standard every time. Plus it allows you to set key performance indicators so you can manage staff proactively, and have new staff hit the ground running.

What you end up with is a process manual which contains everything your people would need, including outline 'scripts' so that new members of staff can sound professional and convincing from the get go, checklists, data capture forms, enquiry forms, reports, contracts, standard letters, standard emails, FAQs and common objections, along with templates and annotated samples to show how detailed a given report, say, should be.

Until we put the sales process in place, our sales strategy was ad hoc, driven by determination but lacking coherence and focus. We knew we were doing it wrong but we couldn't see a way forward. Active Information documented the process, identifying the gaps, and we now have a consistent approach right across our business. We've seen a massive return on investment - our productivity has improved by at least 50%.
Lisa ter Haar, MD of OCS
We have used Active Information on numerous occasions as business consultants to draft processes for our busy lettings business, and as a staff trainer. The results were superb. They are masters at extricating the precise information required to present a detailed process in the simplest workflow so that any member of staff can understand and use it effectively. Their methods have streamlined our business, cutting down on unnecessary staff time and creating processes that have improved our overall business efficiency. I would recommend Active Information to anyone looking to implement processes into their business, or who is updating or implementing a new system entirely. Their flows work particularly well with Microsoft Dynamics 5.1 CRM technology.
Caroline Lindegaard, Let With Ease.


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Paul Keith, South West Chairman, Institute of Directors