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You know the power of PR, and sometimes you need an article or book ghost-written. However, few people can write in the house style of a given publication, and even fewer people have the time to put together a 1500-word piece, let alone a book. Many people turn to their PR consultant, only to have the publication reject this offering because it's written in PR-speak. We won't replace your PR consultant; we'll just write the editorial that gets published and positions you most effectively.

White papers

Meanwhile, many businesses also use white papers, reports and factsheets to add value on their websites and on landing pages with special offers. Our expertise lies is making these outstandingly useful so people using them feel warmer and more positively towards you.

Attract prospects

What's more, you can use them to attract new prospects. Active Information itself has generated tens of thousands of pounds of sales using the simple factsheet to entice enquiries via the media. We can show you how to do it too.

Books and booklets

In the same way, short books or booklets act as enticing giveaways that cost relatively little to produce, and add enormously to your credibility as an expert. Unfortunately, most people haven't the time to write them. As former publishers, we can ghost write your book for you, as well as deal with all design, lay-up, printing and distribution.

Active Information were very efficient in grasping a subject that is very niche - medical insurance! They helped write an article for me that helped further my business and was met with an excellent response.
Debbie Kleiner Gaines, Best Health UK.

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Starting your own small business is one of the most exciting challenges you can embark on, and it requires a very different character and approach to working for someone else, particularly in a large organisation. So who better to write about it than someone who has lived and breathed her own small publishing venture for nearly 15 years.
Lloyds TSB in the foreword to their book: 'Getting Started in Business'.

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Active Information are absolutely on the ball when it comes to identifying what businesses really need to succeed.
Simon Groves, Marketing and Communications Manager, Atradius.

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Further examples:

Amcor Foods

Clearly Business

Sophie has recently written superb copy for our new website, plus a fantastic sales letter that we are just starting to implement, and expect great results. We highly recommend Sophie to anyone in need of 'copy that works'.

Martin Weaver, Kitchens by Tyndale